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After having changed the ip address of my NIC, i constantly (every 15 minutes) had an error in /var/log/messages from nmbd:


Aug 12 14:01:55 nmbd[27437]: get_domain_master_name_node_status_fail:

Aug 12 14:01:55 nmbd[27437]: Doing a node status request to the domain master browser at IP failed.

Aug 12 14:01:55 nmbd[27437]: Cannot get workgroup name.

The strange thing was:

there were no settings in smb.conf or anywhere in /etc/ for this IP anymore.

After debugging the whole process i finally found a solution:

  • shut down samba (usually /etc/init.d/smb stop)
    • if nmb is not shut down by this command do it manually (/etc/init.d/nmb stop)
  • do grep -sIR "" /var/cache/samba/

usually , the problem is that there are entrys left in

/var/cache/samba/wins.dat /var/cache/samba/namelist.debug

  • erase those entrys , but be careful to not mess the syntax of the rest of the entrys.

After restarting SAMBA , the stupid messages should be gone.