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Bind Setup on FC4

Installation instructions for bind (nameserver) on FC4 (example domain).

Edit the file /etc/name.conf adding:

zone "" IN {
       type master;
       file "";

Edit the file /var/named/ creating:

; dns zone for for
; any time you make a change to the domain, bump the
; "serial" setting below. the format is easy:
; YYYYMMDDI, with the I being an iterator in case you
; make more than one change during any one day
@ IN SOA dev dev (
       200603011 ; serial
       8H ; refresh
       4H ; retry
       4W ; expire
       1D ) ; minimum
       NS      dev
       MX      10 dev
; our hostnames, in alphabetical order
; Holistis Server 1
www1      A
; Host aliases
www       IN      CNAME   www1
ns1       IN      CNAME   www1
ns2       IN      CNAME   www1

Enable service start

chkconfig --level 2345 named on

Restart service

service named restart

Test from other Linux machine (assuming x.x.x.x is the server IP):

dig @x.x.x.x